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Analysis of several typical cases in our practices 2015-4-2 On pros and cons of family trust business in China 2015-1-24 On importance and selection criteria of a qualified trustee 2015-1-24 Analysis over pledge and securities provided by institutions and other social organizations 2015-1-24 Comments on the revisions of PRC Trust Law 2015-1-24 On the legality of issuance of the entrusted loans by financial companies by making use of supplement medical insurance fund 2015-1-24 On restriction of security companiesmaking investment into financial instruments 2015-1-24 On restrictions over asset management companies to provide financing service for the development of commercial real estate projects 2015-1-24 On the matter of shareholders to borrows loans from the company 2015-1-24 On the legality of security instruments provided by a bank to a trust company 2015-1-24 On Understanding ¡°the driving of designated automobiles¡± 2015-1-24 On the necessity of use of Stock Exchange Market for the transfer of equity shares under the management of security companies and fund management companies 2015-1-24 On the legality of transfer of land-use right of land for commercial use by way of contractual agreements 2015-1-24 Legal analysis on the practice of insurance company in the classification of risk elements of the insurance clients for the anti-money laundry purposes 2015-1-24 On the legality of pledges provided by private-funded schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other non-legal person institutions 2015-1-24 On issues relating to the circulation of domestic listing stocks held by H share companies 2015-1-24 On the subject of making investment of trust fund in the asset-backed instruments 2015-1-24 Zhong Sheng Law Review ¨C Trust Issue No.127 2012-3-26 Zhong Sheng Law Review ¨C Trust Issue No.127 2012-3-19 Zhong Sheng Law Review ¨C Trust Issue No.127 2012-3-12
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