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With its history dating back to July 1996, Zhong Sheng Law Firm LLP ("Zhong Sheng") now stands as one of the time-honored law firms in mainland China.

Uniquely positioned in the Beijing CBD landmark area, equipped with top-notch office facilities and up-to-date communication equipment, in particular, staffed with an elite team of some 10 partners and 60 best qualified law professionals, Zhong Sheng has become a medium-sized "one of the best for the best" law firms in China's legal service industry.

In 2015, Zhong Sheng opened up its first branch office in Tianjin.

From the very outset, Zhong Sheng has been concentrated to the financial legal services. To date, Zhong Sheng's core competence covers widely such practice areas to include trust, financial lease, commercial banking; asset management, fund; securities and mergers & acquisitions. Not only that, Zhong Sheng has also been pretty aggressive in the innovative line of practices such as the family wealth management and the green finance service etc.

High on Zhong Sheng's client list are a group of large and medium size state-owned and privately-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint venture companies and foreign investment enterprises (the "FIEs"). For this strong and diversified base of clients, Zhong Sheng has been committed to providing quality services to both their inbound business and outbound business as well.

As a front-runner law firm in the financial legal service sector, Zhong Sheng has always been conscientious in its effort to keep pace with the development of time and its clients, and that effort in turn brought Zhong Sheng with fame and fortune.

Instead of being only concentrated to its own business, Zhong Sheng has also been enthusiastic in engaging itself, intensively and extensively, with the industry matters and the public affairs.

In 2013 Zhong Sheng was honorably presented as a law firm member, the first of its kind, to China Trustee Association (the "CTA"). Serving as the group member of "Research on the Unified Code of Conducts of the Trust Industry with regard to the Trust Company Compliance Management" of CTA, Zhong Sheng participated in the preparation of "The Guidebook on the Compliance Management with regard to the Trust Plan of Assembled Funds of a Trust Company" since the year of 2014.

Currently, Zhong Sheng also serves as the member of the "Member Rights Protection Working Group" of CTA; a sitting member of the China National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (the "NAFMII") and, the member of the Green Finance Committee, China Society for Finance & Banking ("GFC") and the member of the Chamber of Commerce of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone (the "DFTP").

At the end of 2016, Zhong Sheng also became one of the first volunteer trust supervisors for China's first launch of charity trust projects since the promulgation of the PRC Charity Law.

As one ancient Chinese saying goes "Achievement starts with a burning desire, while prosperity results from the hard-labor persistence."

Zhong Sheng's past success shall be attributed largely to the cutting-edge of a Zhong Sheng team, so will be the case of its success of today and tomorrow. Speaking alternatively, it is the burning desire, the fighting will and the spirit of self-sacrifice of each and every of Zhong Sheng team members that has joined together to put Zhong Sheng on the map.

In the meanwhile, Zhong Sheng also maintains a consultant team at the ready, a team made up of eminent scholars and professors with intent to provide back-up support which maybe reasonably required from time to time and at all times during the course of the firm's normal practices.

To put everything in a nutshell, financial legal service was, is and will continue to be the core competence of Zhong Sheng. By staying in the course and dedicated to run the whole distance and, on the strength of its hard-earned experience and proven track-record, Zhong Sheng will, in the coming future, continue to build on its brand name recognition, and to proudly present and deliver its core values to its valued clients.

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