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Our strength and expertise in the security line of business has, over the years, enabled Zhong Sheng to provide full-range services for both influential state-owned enterprises and some leading figures of the private-owned companies. In this area, we represent both issuers and underwriters with respect to the company restructuring, the issuance of company shares; the IPOs, domestic and overseas, the post-IPO financings, the issuance of company bonds or convertible bonds; the securitization of the cash assets and to that of the growth enterprise market listings.

We have been helping clients on matters relating to the following:

¡¤the selection of IPO targets, the feasibility and legal compliance studies; the rendering of initial IPO legal opinions;

¡¤preparation of a full package of plans for the proposed IPOs;
drafting of the Sponsors' Agreement; the by-laws and the articles of association for the proposed company; the conduct of the shareholders assembly and the applicable procedures; the rules for company's board of directors, the rules for the company's board of supervisors as well as other rules and regulations as necessarily required;

¡¤legal opinions regarding the restructuring and reorganization of the company to get publically listed;

¡¤the application for the appraisal of the state-owned properties and, issuing the legal opinions in accordance with the state-owned assets appraisal reports, if necessary;

¡¤drafting and filing the application documents and related documents as required for the IPOs;

¡¤conducting legal due diligence and preparation of the due diligence report;

¡¤assisting with the road-show and promotional matters for the IPO;

¡¤Post-IPO support and legal services.


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